The Importance of Planning Ahead


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The Importance of Planning Ahead – From an Experienced Succession Solicitor

When we think about our future, we often see ourselves enjoying our retirement with our loved ones, whether they be human or of the furry kind. We conjure images of catching up with friends, walks along the beach and travelling to every part of the world that is on our bucket list.

In reality, very few of us are blessed with achieving all of the goals we plan for our future selves. Illness, injury, lack of financial resources or even having to meet the ongoing financial and non-financial needs of our adult children often result in the best laid plans having to be set aside.

It is for this reason that taking the time to plan for your worst-case scenario future is just as important as planning for the ideal one. For example, when did you last think about the following:

1. Who will be able to make decisions for me if I lose capacity;

2. Do my loved ones know what kind of health care treatment I would like if I become unable to communicate my wishes;

3. Do I have the finances to be able to move into independent living or nursing care if I become unable to live at home; and

4. Do I know my estate will pass according to my wishes.

At DSL Law, we work holistically with financial planners, accountants and aged care living networks to provide you with a service that covers both the ideal and worst-case scenarios. From retirement living advice to estate planning, we have experienced solicitors who can assist.

Take control of your future before life determines your future for you.

Author: Kim Kyle, Succession Solicitor